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Flower Seed

Offering you a complete choice of products which include white sesame seeds, cassia seeds, bauhinia seeds, lagerstroemia seeds, michelia seeds and bauhinia variegata seed.

White Sesame Seeds

We have on offer White Sesame Seeds that grow into healthy white sesame plants. Sesame is highly regarded for its varied uses. These seeds have been tested in conditions similar to that in the clients’ countries. These have a high germination rate and varietal purity. These have been cleaned thoroughly and processed as per requirements.


  • Excellent yield
  • Processed as per requirements
  • Ideal germination rate

Custom made specifications will be guaranteed however following specifications are suited for our Korean, Turkish, American & European Customers who import it in bulk for oil extractions:

Moisture: 10.0% (Moisture can be controlled and be increased or decreased as per client’s demand)

  • Oil Content: 48% Min.
  • Volume Weight: 580 g Up per Liter
  • Foreign Materials: 1.0 % Max.
  • Immature Kernels: 2.0% Max.
  • Acidity: 4.0 Max.
  • Color: Whitish or bright yellowish white
  • Quality Certificate: We provide SGS certificate at additional cost besides Phytosanitary Certificates if required.
  • Others: No double Hulls & No other smell.
  • Packing Unit: 25/50/80 kg New Gunny bag or Jute bag.
  • Container Free Time: 7 days Min (You must kindly release the container within a week from arrival date from your works)
  • Minimum quantity of an order acceptable in one 20 Ft. container.
  • Packing is offered in 25/50 or 80 kg jute or pp bags, however we can also provide bulk packing in individual bundles of one ton or 500 kg in jute bags (this is for shipment over 1500 tons)
More Flower Seeds Name
 White Sesame Seeds
Cassia Seeds
Bauhinia Seeds
Lagerstroemia Seeds
Lagerstroemia Seeds
Bauhinia Variegata Seed
Sunflower Seeds
Cassia Fistula Seed
Sesamum Seeds
Sesame Seeds
Rosa Canina Seed
Cassia Surattensis Seed
Tribulus Terrestris Seeds

Shrub Seeds

Our product range includes a wide range of eucalyptus seeds, zizyphus seeds, dalbergia seeds, cassias seeds, albizia seeds and grass seed.

Eucalyptus Seeds

We offer Eucalyptus Seeds that are processed as per standard requirements. We have seeds of multiple varieties of eucalyptus. These have an excellent germination rate and their yield is of very high quality. They are tested in those climatic conditions that are similar to those of the clients’ countries. They have been packaged with due care.


  • High quality yield
  • Multiple varieties available
  • Processed as per requirements


Species Seed Collection Time No. of Seeds/Kg Treatment Germination %
Dodonaea viscosa Jun-Jul 21000 -0 -0
Elaeocarpus ganitrus Jun-Jul 410 CW2 30-60
Emblica officinalis Jan-Feb 52000 BW2 25-55
Entrolobium timbovva Oct-Nov 4000 BW1 50-80
Erythrina blackii -0 -0 -0 -0
Erythrina crista galli -0 -0 -0 -0
Erythrina indica (coral tree) May-Jun 1200 CW1 30-70
Eucalyptus camaldulensis (e.rostrata) – [red gum] May-Sep 220000 N 35-80
Eucalyptus Citriodora (lemon scented gum) May-Aug 71000 N 50-85
Eucalyptus globulus (blue gum) May-Aug 329000 N 50-80
Eucalyptus grandis May-Aug 280000 -0 -0
Eucalyptus hybrid May-Sep 325000 N 50-90
Eucalyptus robusta (ironbark) May-Aug 319000 N 35-75

Tree Seeds

Our range of products include ficus seeds, conifer seeds, swietenia mahagoni seeds, polyalthia longifolia seed, pinus wallichiana seed and moringa pterygosperma seed.

Swietenia Mahagoni Seeds

We offer Swietenia Mahagoni Seeds that are used to grow mahogany trees. These trees are used widely in various industries for the manufacture of a variety of articles. The seeds have been processed as per requirements and have a phenomenal germination rate. These are free from any impurities or extraneous matter as they have been cleaned thoroughly.


  • Thoroughly cleaned
  • Phenomenal germination rate
  • Appropriate moisture content

Fruit Seed

Exporter of a wide range of products which include mulberry seeds, fruit seeds, prunus armeniaca seed, carica papaya seeds, apricot seeds and melon seeds.

The specialty of our company lies in the manufacturing, supplying and exporting of Apple Seed. As its name implies, these seeds are extracted from the apple fruit and could be planted in order to raise gardens of ripe and colorful apples. We have procured the best quality sees for our quality oriented clients. Moreover, these apple seeds are put to stringent quality testing in order to ensure these are free from any defects.


  • Extensively used in the medicinal and cosmetics industry
  • Rich with several chemicals such as phosphorus, potassium, etc
  • Excellent prices
Mulberry Seeds Fruit Seeds Prunus Armeniaca Seed Carica Papaya Seeds Apricot Seeds Melon Seeds
Apple Seed Ziziphus Jujuba Seed Ziziphus Chinensis Seeds Ziziphus Mauritiana Seed Prunus Persica Seed Myristica Fragrans Seed
Carica Papaya Seed

Seasonal Flower Seeds

Counted among the prominent companies we, deal in the manufacturing, supplying and exporting of Seasonal Flower Seeds which includes Summer Flower Seeds Winter Flower Seeds. Possessing excellent aroma and taste, these flower sees are cultivated under the best of circumstances and are available in pollinated and hybrid species. To add on, these flower seeds are typically used in the production of edible oil.


Summer Flower Seeds

We produce and supply a wide assortment of Winter Flower Seeds. All possible steps are taken to ensure that the seeds are of the highest quality standard. We have seeds for a wide variety of winter season flowers. These have an excellent germination rate. They provide a healthy, long lasting yield. They have been processed as per requirements.


  • Wide variety of seasonal flower seeds
  • Excellent germination rate
  • Packaged suitably

Names of Flower For Seeds are available:

Types Of Flower Types Of Flower Types Of Flower
Ageratum Blue Daisy White Pansy Double Mix
Alyssum Yellow Delphinium Phlox Mix
Alyssum Purple Flowering Kale Mix Phlox Red
Alyssum White Gypsophila White Petunia Purple
Aster Blue Gazania Mix Petunia Pink
Aster Double Mix Godetia Petunia White
Anthurium Mix Helichrysum Mix Petunia Double Mix
Barcome Mix Calendula Orange Holly Hock Poppy Red
Calendula Gold Linum Red Poppy California
Chrysanthemum Mix Linum Blue Rudbeckia
Cineraria Mix Linaria Supina Sweet Pea Mix
Clarkia Mix Larkspur
Cleome Rose Mesembryanthemum Sweet Pea White
Cereopsis Marigold African Sweet Pea Pink
Cornflower Mix Marigold Jafri Black Sweet Pea Red
Candytuft White Marigold Red Brocade Sweet William
Candytuft Mix Carnation Red Marigold Red Jafri Sweet Sultan
Carnation Yellow Carnations White Marigold Jafri Orange Stock Mix
Carnation Mix Marigold Double Mix Stock White

Oil Seed

We are a leading Exporter of palm seeds, soybean oil seed and castor seed from Faridabad, India.

Our company has gained name and fame in the manufacturing, supplying and exporting of Soybean Oil Seed. These Soybean Seed are processed under international quality standards and norms. Beside, these are extensively used and easily available in the market. To add on, these Soybean Seed are procured from the most trustworthy and certified vendors of the industry, who make use of superb quality ingredients in the processing of offered Soybean Seed.


  • Freshness
  • Highly pure
  • Affordable prices

More Seeds Name:

Palm Seeds Soybean Oil Seed Castor Seed

Potato Seeds

Prominent & Leading Exporter from Faridabad, we offer potato seeds.

We offer TPS 6 which stands for Potato Seeds. These are a collection of 6 varieties of potato seeds. They provide excellent germination when sown in cool, moist conditions. These seeds have been produced in ideal conditions and have a plump appearance. These seeds have a high level of varietal purity.


  • Combination of 6 varieties of potato seeds
  • Germinate in cool, moist conditions
  • High varietal purity


  • Size: 80-100g, 100g-150g, 150g-200g, 200g
  • Cold Storage Season: From Aug to November
  • Color: Yellow, Red

Plant Seed

Leading Exporter of sesbania seeds, tecoma seeds, putranjiva roxburghii seed, stylosanthes hamata seeds, gurmar gymnema sylvestre seed and linen seeds from Faridabad.

The specialty of our company lies in the manufacturing, supplying and exporting of Putranjiva Roxburghii Seed. Belonging to the family of family Putranjivaceae, these plants consist of mustard oils which offers resistance against herbivores. Besides, these plants could easily produce glucosinolates. Due to its unique attributes, these plants have attained huge popularity among our clients and are offered at suitable prices.


  • Excellent quality
  • Highly demanded
  • Low prices

Bamboo Seed

Our range of products include bamboo seeds, dendrocalamus giganteus seed and dendrocalamus strictus seeds.

We are amongst the illustrious names in the industry of manufacture, supply and export of Dendrocalamus Giganteus Seed which is one of the tallest bamboo species in the world. It has unique quality that is the fastest growing plants in the world due to its unique rhizome system. These have high quality and exceptional finishing. In addition to this, these are available at cost effective prices.


  • Used in various works
  • Fast growing
  • Supreme quality

Nursery Plants

We are a leading Exporter of michelia champaca alba plant, prunus armeniaca plant, vinca rosea plant, arundo donax plants, castor hybrid plant and delonix regia plant from Faridabad, India.

We are a reputed company in the manufacture, supply and export of Michelia Champaca Alba Plant. We have comprehensive range of mlchelia champaca alba plant to our customers. Our range is highly demanded and widely used by our huge client base. To add on, these are procured from certified vendors, these are acclaimed for its quality and improved production output. Finally, these are available at feasible price to our customer.


  • More popular
  • Outstanding quality
  • Easy to apply


  • Pot Size: 20,21″
  • Height: 08″-10″

Soybeans Seed

Our product range includes a wide range of soybeans seed.

We are a famous company that deals in the manufacture, supply and export of Soybeans Seed. These are formulated and processed by our well known industry experts and these are tested under various industries laid parameters. Furthermore, these are available in different size and used for cooking applications. In addition to this, these soybeans have exclusive range and are easily offered at cost effective prices.


  • Maximum protein
  • No impurities
  • Premium quality


  • Kingdom: Plantae
  • Order: Fabales
  • Family: Fabaceae
  • Subfamily: Faboideae
  • Genus: Glycine
  • Species: G. max

Medicinal Seeds

Our product range includes a wide range of medicinal seeds.

We have on offer a wide variety of Medicinal Seeds that grow to provide valuable medicinal plants. These are highly significant from the point of view of the pharmaceutical industry and other suchlike. The resulting yields are utilized in multiple medicines. They are grown and tested in environmental conditions similar to that of the clients’ countries.


  • Provide valuable medicinal plants
  • Quality yield
  • Tested in the environments similar to those in which they are to be sown

Herbal Tree

Providing you the best range of medicinal herbal tree with effective & timely delivery.

With increasing demand in the market of Medicinal Herbal Tree, we manufacture, supply and export it in across the world. Our complete range is procured from trusted and noted vendors of the industry. These products are free from adulteration and have high medicinal property. We offer the entire product range with customization facility and are pure in nature. In addition to these, we offer it at affordable price.


  • High on nutritional value
  • Hygienically processed
  • Purity

Herbal Leaves

Pioneers in the industry, we offer herbal leaves from India.

We offer a wide assortment of Herbal Leaves that are processed in many forms for further use. These are highly regarded for their medicinal properties. These herbs have been cultivated using high quality fertilizers and have a high nutritional content. They have been processed adequately to ensure highest standards of quality and longevity.


  • Cultivated using high quality fertilizers
  • Processed as per needs
  • Excellent yield

Herbal Seeds

Leading Exporter of medicinal herbal seed, herbal seeds, organic herbal seeds and natural herbal seed from Faridabad.

We produce and supply a comprehensive assortment of Medicinal Herbal Seed that provide an excellent yield of whole herbs. These are highly renowned for their medicinal properties and are widely used in medicinal and culinary preparations. These have appropriate moisture content and are free of impurities. The seeds are cleaned thoroughly and provided in a standard packaging.


  • Appropriate moisture content
  • Provided in standard packaging
  • Thoroughly cleaned
Coccinia Indica Cucumis Sativum Ephedra Gerardiana  Fagonia Cretica Feronia Elephantum
Coccinia Indica  Cucumis Pubescens  Ferrum Ferry Sulphaz Ferula Galbaniflua
Caesalpinia Bonducella  Cuminum Cyminum Ficus Carica Ficus Glomerata  Gloriosa Superba
Coffea Arabica  Curcuma Caesia Glycyrrhiza Glabr Max Garcinia Indica
Coleus Forskohlii Root  Curcuma Zedoaria Grudge Chrysarobin Gymnema Sylvestre Gymnosporia Spinosa
Commelina Abliaua  Cuscuta Reflexa Holarrhena Antidysenterica Hedychium Spicatum Hedyotis Corymbosa
Commiphora Mukul  Curcuma Caesia  Helicteres Isora Hibiscus Abelmoschus  Hibiscus Rosasinensis
Convolvulus Pluricaulis  Gynandropsis Pentaphylla Holoptelea Integrifolia Holarrhena Antidysenterica Hydnocarpus Wightiana
Cornus Macrophylla  Cyperus Esculentus  Petroselinum Crispum Eulophia Nuda  Eupatorium Ayapana
Coptis Mamira Corallocarpus Epigaeus Gossypium Herbaceum  Eupatorium Ayapana Euphorbia Pilurifera
Corchorus Olitorius Cordia Rothii Cordia Dichotoma Cardiospermum Halicacabum Coriandrum Sativum
Datisca Cannabina Datura Meteloides Daucus Carota Delphinium Denudatum Desmostachya Bipinnata
Desmotrichum Blum Dioscorea Bulbifera Ervatamia Coronaria Erythraca Roxburghii Erythroxylum Coca